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Myself at "Liberdade"- 2017


It's kinda funny how I've started drawing. Come with me so I can tell you a bit more about it:


In the middle of my college degree around 2016 I started drawing old Brazilian houses around my neighborhood which were disappearing to make space for a bunch of new apartment buildings and offices. Brazilian houses from the 40's and older were always a little passion of mine, and I could not let them be destroyed without ever being drawn. At that time, I drew every single one of these houses and also a map on top of them with the exact location and the angle it was drawn. What was I studying you may ask?

Computer Science. Yes. Nothing related to drawing or architecture.

What about the Japanese houses? How do I went from drawing old Brazilian houses to Japanese ones?

Well, as you can image I was a Japan lover but my love didn't started from where it usually does for people, which is through Anime or Manga. It all started when I first watched Tokyo Drift. Yes! That Fast and Furious movie (even though most of it was actually filmed in Los Angeles). The "Japanese" streets and aesthetic in the movie caught me. I've been in love with everything Japanese, always spending a huge amount of time "walking around" Tokyo on Google Street View (which I still do today for research).

To combine both my passions was just a matter of time. After I completed drawing every house in my area, I slowly shift towards drawing the old houses I saw on Street View.

I noticed that the Japanese houses were facing the same problem: being torn down to make space for new buildings. All these beautiful houses were giving space to more simple and boring houses/buildings.

After finishing college in 2018 I started focusing more on drawing and decided to create an Instagram account so I could share my art. Right after I started I was feature in an online magazine called Sabukaru which focus on Japanese culture and art. It was a hit! My account was received with more people that also enjoyed this type of art and made me continue with my "silly" hobby that today I can call my profession.

Scan Apr 7, 2021 at 12.00 AM.png

Street Panorama - 2021

"I started drawing to feel more in touch with the Japanese culture, and now I think I'm making other people feel the same"

Even though I'm a Brazilian guy, here in São Paulo - my home town, we were always very connected with the Japanese culture. Brazil having the largest concentration of Japanese people outside Japan, it was easy to experience that.

Growing up surrounded by friends with Japanese descent and going out to Liberdade, the Japanese neighborhood here it was clear I would get involved in the culture somehow.


AfterlightImage 59.JPG

Street Panorama Colored - 2021


thank you

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